Thai Massage

(nuad bo-rarn)


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Thai massage is a 2500 year old healing art which works on the energy meridian system, promoting Chi flow. One could call it a marriage between Indian yoga and Chinese accupressure.

It is done on a futon while comfortably clothed and consists of rhythmic accupressure, gentle rocking and assisted yoga-like stretches. The therapist actually moves the client into yoga-like positions while at the same time applying deep pressure to energy points and channels.

This stimulates the flow of energy in the body, enabling healing to take place on a deep level. It mobilizes the joints, tones the internal organs, and is relaxing and revitalizing. The therapist uses his whole body in this work — hands, arms, knees, elbows, feet — and uses the force of gravity directed by his breath rather than muscle strength. The result is a relaxing of stiff muscles, knotted tendons and cramped joints, and a flushing of toxins out of the body tissue.

A realignment of the body also takes place. As an experiment, I measure clients before and after their session, and on average they “grow” about half an inch taller, as suddenly they stand truly upright.

According to one of my clients,

“It feels like someone is doing yoga on you while you’re being massaged”.

I have studied and practised many other bodywork modalities ranging from Shiatsu to Polarity. Nowadays I use Thai massage as a framework into which I integrate other techniques when appropriate. This keeps the work alive and constantly evolving into my own unique syle.

I usually use hot rocks as well as Thai herbal compresses in my work, giving my clients the ability to let go on an even deeper level.