Opening Our Hands

oohWhen I teach a yoga class, especially if it’s a small group or a private, I often ask my students what they would like to focus on. The answers are invariably: shoulders, hips or perhaps standing poses or balancing. Yet students never say: “let’s open up our hands today!”

Similarly in bodywork we focus on the shoulders, back and in Thai massage the feet and the legs get a lot of attention. Yet, during most massages the hands get largely ignored or are merely an afterthought.

I believe the reasons for this are two fold. First off people don’t realize it’s possible to open the hands and make them feel light and alive. Second, we’ve gotten used to the way our “normal” hands feel and don’t realize how much better they can actually become in a relatively short time.

While writing about this I am reminded of a dental hygienist friend of mine who totally loved her job, yet had to retire as she just couldn’t handle the small instruments anymore. I also have clients tell me that they used to play the piano, crochet etc.

Last but not least I’ve worked with several traditional massage therapists who were surprised that a little self care supplemented perhaps by some bodywork can make such a difference in their hands. Their tool, so to speak, but it’s truly everyone’s tool!

I’m therefore delighted to share a simple routine that will make an immediate difference. For those of you who work in office settings using keyboards and devices all day, this sequence is simply invaluable, more so when done regularly.