End of year yogic inventory

Recently on an impromptu visit to Oakland, I discovered  a coffee shop on Broadway Avenue called “The Crown”. It is one of those places that takes coffee quite seriously, yet without a snobby vibe. I was charmed by a painting of Ganesha, my favorite deity, with a cup of coffee and an elegant spoon. Upon inquiry I found out that the painting was commissioned. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, clearing them out of our pathway. Boy, do we ever need this!! If it wasn’t for that daunting Bay Bridge, I would visit this place more often.

It is here that I’m starting to formulate my thoughts. Fortunately I know some cozy spots in San Francisco to continue the process in days to come.

As we’re moving towards the year’s end, different holidays are marking time once again. I’m pleased to inform you that our yoga practice will continue to provide a much needed respite. After almost two years our virtual community feels more solid and has grown in importance for all of us.

In it’s own way it’s a living organism. There are the regulars and those who occasionally peek in. The group has it’s own ebb and flow. How wonderful to return, almost daily, to the quiet sound and silky feel of our own breath. To luxuriously move our bodies like graceful dancers, often exploring new shapes, emotions and unexpected insights.

The classes themselves have developed their own unique rhythm. I do not know from week to week which theme will be explored. It’s primarily inspired by the participants as well as my own trials and tribulations. Without being pretentious, some of it feels channeled.

For myself, you all have enabled me to keep growing and exploring yoga in ways I had not even remotely anticipated. Many of you have invited your friends and family from across the country and even beyond. It is my intention and vision to continue to grow with all of you as we’ll soon enter the new year.

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Robert de Nies

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