Freeing Our Soles

Chinese medicine informs us that we absorb the yin chi from the earth through the soles of our feet. In the middle of the ball of the foot, the kidney meridian starts and is nourished with each step we take. Another good reason to walk!

We spend many hours a day in shoes that are uncomfortable and usually too narrow. Over time the toes slowly stiffen and our balance becomes affected. Pain in the feet can also be caused by tight calves.

In this sequence we unwind the tension in the feet and legs making them supple and alive. The results can be felt throughout the body.



Robert de Nies


  1. Thank you Robert , I enjoy this exercise and find it very helpful to keep my feet in good shape. I like hiking very much so my feet are very important to me
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Robert for Freeing Our Soles! Wonderful and relaxing! Blessings!

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